Feeding SWFL

What is Feeding Southwest Florida?

Feeding Southwest Florida is our response to the devastating effects of food insecurity in children who come to school every Monday without having a nutritious meal over the weekend. In partnership with CCMI we're helping by collecting food that they can use in their Emergency Food Assistance Program in Lee County Schools.


Feeding Southwest Florida helps us fulfill our children's initiative, that children will know their God-given potential, and have every right to attain it.


If you'd like to host a food collection party for your neighbors, coworkers, or friends, please CLICK HERE




What kind of food is needed? CLICK HERE for a list of items needed

When and where do I drop off my food? The big collection weekend is at Cape Christian's four worship celebrations the weekend of August 22nd and 24th. Cape Christian is located at 2110 Chiquita BLVD. S in Cape Coral. There will be two drop off locations in the Family Ministry parking area and the worship center parking area. Upon arriving at one of our services that weekend our parking crew will direct you where to go, and CCMI will have their semi and other vehicles present as a point of reference.


Can I drop off my food at another time? If for some reason you can’t make it to one of the worship celebrations the weekend of the 22nd and 24th you can drop off your food the week before under the stairwell to the church office. Please do not drop off any food before the week of the 17th as have limited places to store it before CCMI collects the food.

How do I host a collection party? Everything you need to host a successful party is in your party bag, if you need additional help a member of our team can call you to provide assistance.

Do I have to host a party? No, that is just one option for you to participate. Hosting a party is a great way to get many more people involved and raise lots of food, but if you want to do it another way that’s up to you!


Should I bring the food in my Feeding SWFL bag? The bag is yours to keep, it’s not intended to be used to drop off your food and will probably be damaged by doing so. You can bring the food in any container or bags you want, and will help unload and sort it the weekend of the collection.


Who is CCMI? Community Cooperative Ministries is a non-profit that helps people in hunger and poverty and empowers many people in our community to leave a life of dependance on others. They have locations in Fort Myers and Cape Coral and we have been partnering with them for six years.


What is the Emergency Food Assistance Program? This is a program where CCMI provides schools in our community with food to send home on Friday with children who show visible signs of lacking nutrition on the weekends. This program is vital in helping children arrive to school on Monday morning ready to learn.


How much food do I need to collect? Just do you best, we’d love it if everyone could show up the weekend of the 22nd with at least 100 lbs of food but just get the word out and trust God to provide what we need!

How Can You Get Involved?

Individuals can get involved by either joining in the efforts of a church in their area, promoting the event to their own local church, or by simply donating financially. One of the biggest things individuals can do it simply spread the word by promoting Feeding Southwest Florida's website on their social media pages.



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